Platform Publishing Assistance Program


Platform Publishing Assistance Program (PPAP) is a unique offering that is only available on Cloud Moolah MOO Store. This is a program where MOO Store markets and promotes our partners’ games for free on our store. 

We understand that marketing costs constitute a hefty part of business operations and recognize the need to find the right sources to achieve results. This takes time and money. Through our expertise, we will be able to assist our partners to get it done right and for free. We take care of it for you and we take care of you!

The catch is simple. Cloud Moolah comes up with the initial investment in publishing and marketing the game upfront. Once our partner makes revenue from the game, they can share a part of the revenue with Cloud Moolah.

Revenue share will be based on the program enrolled. Services provided via the PPAP program is as listed below.






Revenue Share

Contact BD Team

35% of Gross

25% of Gross

15% of Gross

MOO Store Social Media Posting

EDM Blast

Push Notification

Store Featuring

Main Page Banner

MOO Store Loyalty Program

Event Page Listing

Community Curation Program

Local Community Channels Posts

MOO Store Pop Up

Search Discovery Ads

Ranking Chart Ads

Payment Partners Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Publishing Mentorship

Localization Consultation

Specialize UA Campaign 

*Details of program activities is subjected to changes.

To sign up for the PPAP program, please contact our BD team for more information.

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