MOO Store

The MOO Store is a boutique game store that provides specially curated games to the gaming communities in Southeast Asia, reaching out to more than 10 countries and over 650m gamers. It is a game store built on the blockchain ecosystem which has the most comprehensive multi payment channels and community loyalty service in SEA. 

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Why the MOO Store?


The evolution of the MOO Store came about from filling the gaps between gamers in Southeast Asia and developers – something which many mainstream app stores were not able to do. Positioned as a boutique store across SEA, MOO Store brings forth unique, curated games and indie creations to the gaming community. In short, we seek to bring these hidden gems to gamers and give them a shot to fame and shine on the MOO Store.


Feature to look out for:

The MOO Store is currently accessible via the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) and supports both Unity and Non-Unity made games. For integration documents and information, click on the button below:

For more information on the MOO Store, feel free to contact us at:


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