For Developers

1. What is MOO Store and why should I publish my game on it?

MOO Store is a curated game store that reaches out to over 10 countries and over 650m population in Southeast Asia, integrated with comprehensive multi payment channels, loyalty program and community focused services and community loyalty services.



2. How much will I earn from publishing my game on MOO Store?


MOO Store charges a payment fee of 30% and Partners will get back 70% of the gross sales revenue. NO additional taxes, VAT or charges.



3. What can the MOO Store do for me?

  • Tap into major payment channels in Southeast Asia via a simple integration on Unity Editor;

  • Unlock features and tools in our game store to maximize your game exposure and in-game revenues (loyalty programs, social functions, etc);

  • Publishing as a Service (Free Marketing for games!) (refer to PaaS for more Info)



4. Will MOO Store help to market my game?


Developers are welcome to use our multiple marketing avenues to showcase their games to users. (Ranking Charts, Featured Games, Recommended Games, Loyalty Programs, etc). if a developer has interest to conduct a marketing campaign in moo store, we provide value-added services to assist the developer in the marketing to the community via our PaaS program.  



5. How many users does the MOO Store have and in how many countries is the MOO Store operating?


MOO Store is officially launching on March 2019 and in the coming 6 months, we are expecting a potential 10 million users Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc).



6. If I publish my game on the MOO Store, what will it cost me? Will MOO Store provide me some MG or Fees to put my game on MOO Store?


MOO Store is free for developers to list their games. Like all major app stores, MOO store will not provide advanced revenue payment for game listed in the store.



7. How is MOO Store different from mainstream stores and why should I utilize the MOO Store?


MOO Store focuses on non-mainstream gaming content and our wide selection of third-party payment channels are accessible through more than 500,000 retail points across SEA.



8. My game is non-Unity, how can I list my game on the MOO Store?


MOO Store will begin supporting Non-Unity made content starting from Q2 2019.



9. How big is Southeast Asia’s 3rd Party Payment Market?


3rd Party Payment channels have been dominant in SEA since the start of PC gaming. Out of 10 users, more than 6 of them uses third party payment to pay for games. Potentially, about 40% and more of the game revenue sales comes from third-party payment.



10. How will the MOO Store attract users since mainstream platform is dominant in Southeast Asia?


Mainstream platform suffers from app saturation and there lies many undiscovered gems buried deep within the Google Play Store. The MOO Store is a curated and boutique mobile game store that prides itself on quality. Our uniquely designed community curation and loyalty programs will give all the best indie developed creations a chance to feature prominently, regardless of marketing budgets.



11. What is PaaS?


Publishing as a Service (PaaS) is a program that CloudMoolah is providing to our game partners who have listed their games on the MOO Store. Basically, we will drive gamers to your games or bring your game to gamers across Southeast Asia!


CloudMoolah will assist our game partner in reaching out to MOO Store users through a series of marketing tools, channels, and advertising campaigns. This collaborative publishing program will be free to start and CloudMoolah will only take a minor cut of the revenue share when your game makes money.

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