We love games.

Being in Southeast Asia, we quickly realize that many passionate gamers like us, are missing out on a whole load of fun. This is because game developers have yet to reach out to these territories unserved by mainstream digital payment services. 

Believing wholeheartedly that everyone deserves a good gaming experience, we created CloudMoolah – a comprehensive content and payment aggregator that will allow game developers, gamers and payment merchants to conveniently and securely manage payment matters across the world. 

CloudMoolah is built to serve millions of game developers and gamers across Asia, many of whom remain unserved by mainstream digital payment services. In our efforts to bridge promising developers with potential gamers, CloudMoolah is currently working with Unity Technologies on two main projects: 

i)    Integrated Payment Partner of Unity via the CloudMoolah Payment Wallet;
ii)    Development of a third party blockchain-based boutique game store known as the MOO Store.


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