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Publishing As A Service

Bringing your game further into new markets can be exciting, rewarding yet exhilarating. The challenges are enormous, from identifying the right markets, to having knowledge on how each of the markets work, as well as executing strategies to bring your game to the various markets, while reducing costs and having the agility and creativity to respond to unfamiliar different cultures and landscapes.

You need the right skills to bring your game further, whether that’s publishing, payment matters, localisation, marketing & advertising or customer service.  We know you need to trust the right people who can help you with such matters.

And this is exactly what we can provide.

Regardless the size of your organisation, together with our strong alliance of partners in the regions, we have experience that’s relevant to you and the expertise to turn your ambitions into success and dreams into reality.



Payment channels were a major impediment to revenue growth in the region as smart devices become mainstream. As a region, credit card penetration is extremely low, as all countries in the region excluding Singapore and Malaysia have credit card penetration of less than 10%. Our complete payment solution will now make it possible for you to enable the Southeast Asia markets for your success when it comes.


Localisation is about customising a context to another, for a specific market and specific target audience. Game localisation is an effective way to attain a global outreach and gamers – we are talking about higher rankings, more downloads, and better revenue. It is essential to realise that game localisation is never just about translation. You need transcreation, which is a mean for your story to be told in a local speak, not just a local language.

Our team has a wealth of experience in localisation. We have the capabilities to deliver your games in 6 different languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian and Melayu) across the Asian region and we have our local partners who are familiar with the markets around the regions.

Billboards in Taiwan

Marketing & Advertising

We believe that a key component of a successful marketing campaign is its marketing message and direction. Generic artworks simply don’t work in this highly competitive landscape. Getting the best worth for your buck is also about riding off other companies’ marketing budget.

We have completed numerous collaborative marketing campaigns, maximising the Return On Investment (ROI) for each marketing dollar spent. With the support of our strong regional network of experienced publishing partners, we will help you build a forceful marketing momentum in the Asian region.

Financial & Regulatory Consultation

Although the Southeast Asian market is collectively half the size of the Chinese market, it is not homogenous like China. It is made of at least 8 diverse markets with differing geographical distribution standards and regulations, cultural, language and operating landscape. Our strong alliance of regional partners will help you achieve your goals in a market with differing policies and regulatory frameworks.

We direct you to the right way.
Local Customer Service

Local Customer Service

When your gamers need help, they need the assistance quick and efficiently served. Nothing beats a local customer service team’s ability to deliver that. Let us customise for you so that you can create a unique experience for your gamers and better engage them.

Publishing Consultation

The spectrum of publishing is wide and all-encompassing. It is easy to feel that you have all it takes to self-publishing into untapped markets. You could be right but it wouldn’t hurt having a second opinion. Talk to us and we’ll share our experience with you. We’ll even sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your interest.

We bring your game further
Investments - Road to success


You want to build a solid game and be successful but you need some more fuel to complete the job. We fully understand what it feels like. Share your project pitches with us and let us help you with finding that extra fuel.